Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sweet old man at the grocery

I LOVE it when this sort of thing happens. I was at Aldis with Cecilia and Evan and I suppose since I carry my babies and don't leave them stuffed in their car seat, I draw attention or something. So this older gentleman, his wife and I were trying to get through a tight spot in the store and of course we were all having a contest in manners. I was having a little bit of a struggle controlling my now heavy cart while balancing Evan on my shoulder. The older gentleman asked me if both of my children were girls and I replied that no the baby was a little boy and that Cecilia was in the middle. The gentleman got that look of curiosity on his face and asked "Oh? In the middle? How many children do you have? Nine??? Really? I came from a family of nine." It was so VERY sweet to see this man's eyes just light up like the little kid he once was. I asked him if they had a lot of fun growing up and his eyes lit up even more. He had a captive audience of enthusiasm to share his memories with. It was a fun talk. When we parted ways he told me that he has the greatest respect for women and for mothers. He added that he was proud of me (doesn't even know me) and what I was doing for my kids. AWwww! I should have invited him over so he could reminisce with the kids and they could see the joy that man had in his family. So......that was the high point in my day. Love it!

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