Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am currently being hugged by my huggy little guy Stefan. We are having left over night which includes eating what is there before anything else is put on the table. Sounds frugal eh? I am just not good at cooking just enough so Charley has something to take to eat at work and not mass quantities. Kids coughing and heading to bed SOON. I unleashed the mean old mommy rules again so they will be there much sooner than usual. Eating what we have here does work better than I think it would and so does staying home as much as possible. Appointments seem unavoidable and wreck havoc on routine. Sigh. Not much as to report other than managing every and their goals and needs pretty much can give me a headache. Current project is cheerfully doing our school work and such with out being such cranks...........early bed time............

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