Thursday, October 21, 2010

Irony of saving money

My favorite money saving book is 'More with Less'. It is a cookbook. I am not sure I would define myself the same way as this book but it did teach me a thing or two. I guess I have been a "everything in moderation" sort of person. Well, I do find it amusing that the month I get rid of all our debt, we become somewhat financially challenged. It seems as hard as I try to cut back, the more things break. Keep laughing Karin. I can not say I am driven to save money in a crazy way but I have been very free to spend money on things we didn't really need in the past. The feeling of entitlement seems to easily grow on a person. Getting rid of bunches of stuff helped me see we don't really need to get MORE stuff to take care of.

My greatest weakness is currently books. Books can get me in trouble that is for sure. Between medical stuff, food, gas, trying to save for future vehicles, and a few miscellaneous things which kids need like shoes for organ lessons, shoes for growing feet and a few birthday gifts we seem to burn through quite a bit. Sometimes it seems even those things are out of line as we have greatly reduced our spending and still seem to not get much further ahead. Our septic system, as I have mentioned, finally will get fixed tomorrow, our stove is still broken, and a few more feet need shoes. More money...........I hate money.

With all the predictable expenses I am trying to be more responsible with treats like grabbing sandwiches while out with a kid on errands, sugary cereals (ouch to the pocket)(never thought I would see the day when I actually looked forward to my oatmeal!) and even the occasional chocolate craving. OF course part of all this is motivated from the mystery of Charley's job in the future and having a buffer. I am staring at the fridge and groceries and trying to use what is most likely to go bad first, use the veges from the garden and researching all sorts of yummies online, and eating meat from the freezer which we already have. Pretty crazy eh? Charley of course is FINE with this. We can still eat like kings with a little creativity. I will attempt to not make myself nuts with obsessing. Anna did talk me out of picking up a sandwich this afternoon when I finally got Erik out to get his new glasses ten months after his appointment. It all adds up doesn't it Anna dear.

Oh, I might get criticized for this post but oh well. We are still trying to have fun with this. I ask who is going to murder a pumpkin today so we can make pumpkin this and that and turn orange. I see the benefit to just staying home and snuggling with my kids and learning stuff together. This is probably getting boring but I have no doubt I will continue to chase after this thing for awhile anyway till it is much more of a habit and not so much of an impulse. I will have to post the hilarious article I read called something like "15 different situations you should NOT use your credit card". It was on Yahoo or some such place. I can't remember the exact title but it was pretty enlightening.

Just one last word of encouragement......I still love ice cream and I don't make it from scratch........can I kick that habit????? And...yes, yes, I know none of this craziness will 'save me' but keeping my head on straight can't hurt too much either.

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