Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I might write a book

Way back when I had perhaps four kids I looked for books on advice on raising a 'large' family. There really aren't any. I did find one book called something like, "What I wish I knew sooner". It was written by a mother of ten or so kids and it was hilarious, sobering, etc. I liked it. I could probably put my hands on it if I got up off the couch to do so.

I might write a book by interviewing all my fantabulous Lutheran friends with large families and compiling the truths we have learned. I think about this book writing when I peruse other blogs and see people pondering doing things I have done and wish I hadn't, I want to scream a warning or at least tell them my experience. Perhaps people don't really want help though. There are many romantic ideas of raising lots of kids and having animals too. Sigh. I have a lot to say about that. I can think of the chapters:

Dreaming of having a large family
Having three kids and being asked how you handle all those kids
Giving up on cloth diapers
Doing everything by scratch to 'save' money
Thinking raising animals would be a 'neat' idea
Organizing our stuff (??????)
Cutting costs
Cutting costs again
Revisiting cutting costs
Taking up a second pew at church
Cathechizing our kids
The day I sent the FlyLady a letter bomb
When things go wrong
Flying the nest
Kids and 'relationships'
Kids getting married
Figuring out that your kids can only invite family to their wedding as there won't be room in the church.
Grandkids while having your own children
Family shrinking
Empty nest????
Smiling at families with lots of kids
The funeral

Those might be a few of the topics. Would anyone want to read it? I probably offend people at times on blog responses as I have been there and done that so I rarely remark. There is also the, every family has their own take on things, but that is why I would interview people to get more input of their experiences. I am sure I would have fun commiserating with other moms and dads at a bare minimum. Why doesn't this book get written? Because we don't have time to write it!!! I can dream.


  1. Bikermom you make me smile!

    I love, love, love, the chapters of your book and I can't wait till it is time to read it. Till then, I'll keep up with your blog chatter (and in-person chatter when I can get it) which brightens my day.

  2. You are so very sweet. :o) I enjoy reading yours too Glenda. Love your pictures too!