Sunday, October 17, 2010

A song for everything.......

"Oh, we sing this song about the sewer. About the sewer, we sing this song. Together we stand, with shovel in hand, to keep things moving along." Having worked at a summer camp, the wealth of stupid songs keep us all slap happy I guess. The septic system is still screwed up and the septic dudes have not shown up to help us out. Sadly, the system is not designed for this many people. Still singing that song............

In other news, the kids found Anna's missing boot in the van while I bought milk at Aldi's after church today. It has been missing for almost two months and kids have trampled on it and spilled on it without taking any notice. How can you NOT notice a boot under your feet??????? The pains large families suffer from the soup otherwise know as the van. My nursing sling was also on the back bench floor being trampled. ?????? I just do NOT understand. I will try not to think to hard about this strangeness and just accept it as our plight in life. I'm not sure I can call that my cross to bear...........oh well. I can not even imagine driving my little dream car - a green, convertible, little European car thingie. Sounds good. Two and a grandkid, when the time comes, zooming around town.

Found a rotten potato on the kitchen floor next to a container which has been sitting there for months. How does this happen? Probably happens the same way Anna's boot could be left undetected for months on the van floor. Same problem.

I have decided that since there certainly isn't enough time or me to chase after all of this stuff with the Evan in arms, that I am basically geering bedtime on each child's willingness to help pick up after themselves and others. If they stand still, staring straight ahead, after being told the same instruction several times, then a seven o'clock bed time is in order to help their brains along the road to recovery or increase their awareness of what is going on around them. Sharpening of their brains might help some around here, plus if they can't do the work then, it will free me up to do some of it myself when I am not taking care of them til too late in the evening. Evan can just come with me.

That is all...........for now.

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