Saturday, October 16, 2010


I was blessed to spend the afternoon with my Goddaughter who is now 21 and fairly newly married. As she said, we should get together more often. We had great conversation and she had lots of questions about life choices etc. When she arrived to meet me, she had "The Well Trained Mind" in hand and peppered me with questions about homeschooling. They are not even expecting at this point but she is enthusiastic to investigate these things now. It was a great talk. I am glad I am able to help her and humbled she comes to me for advice. I wish the rest of my Godchildren lived this close but perhaps, as they get older, I can figure out ways to talk more with them. If I am remembering correctly, myother two Godchildren are 6 years old at the moment. I am also pleased that my 21 year old Godchild and her husband have settled into an LCMS church even if it is not my own. No joke - pray for your Godchildren as duh, God answers prayer. I think more and more about that as my own children get older and are closer to being completely on their own. I am thankful that even when I forget to pray, Jesus has that covered too. Sigh. Praying about a lot of things. Now I need to remember how many different things I said I would send her as far as information goes. I should have made a list.

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