Monday, December 5, 2011


It is amazing to me how fast I fall into being overwhelmed by the tasks at hand with this bunch of kids.    I begin the day a rational being and then an hour or so goes by and just being conscious and looking around the house brings out the ADD in me and "how in the world to prioritize THIS day?" syndrome.   The hubby fashioned a crude bookshelf for the basement over the weekend and I can not wait to tackle getting books and such off of surfaces and filling that puppy up.   Many thanks for the shelves!!!!   I attempt the FlyLady principles but still can't quite get taking one thing at a time.   I am not sure how other people get a handle on their large families and I don't suppose their plights are much brighter.    Turning my head to prayer helps and staying on top of food in their bellies also helps.   Taking one hour at a time is a nice goal.   Not starting new projects before the present projects are done also helps but of course is not as fun.   Self discipline.   Ugh.   Breathe.   Focus on what is going right.   Hugging and squeezing the baby helps too.   Onward.    


  1. I know that I don't have a big family, but I do know that "overwhelmed" feeling. I looked into flylady--she scares me. I felt like I would have to follow everything she does EXACTLY or my house would explode. But I wanted some kind of order and routine for my days/weeks, otherwise I was afraid I'd never stop feeling overwhelmed.

    I bought a planner from I used it for most of the year, and felt that I wanted to rearrange (or delete) some of the things she had listed in the weeks, plus I needed to add stuff. So I created my own using Took a good bit to get everything sorted out, but I'm hoping that should my family grow, I can stay well-enough on track to keep from losing my mind. We'll see...

  2. Trying hard not to lose mine - Lol! I use the cozi calendar too for appointments. FlyLady doesn't really overwhelm me as I can only do so much but at least she gets me off my rear when I don't feel like it. I think it is meeting the needs of so many different levels and abilities which bowls me over the most. Being able to sleep would help too.......