Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pounding the pounds

It is perhaps to early to say my addiction to biking is back in full swing but managed to bike every day but one last week.   Rain or shine and wind.....might make a good mailman too.   I am down approximately five pounds from pounding the road and at this rate should make my goal of 25 total.    It would be refreshing to be able to wear the clothes I own and I still refuse to be tempted by anything new.    I have plenty new or at least they will seem new after hardly wearing them for years. this evening.   Ten mile ride in the rain and a bonus walk with my walking buddy.   I am not sure this a great idea before facing Monday but being tired feels good too.    The wildlife of the last few days include a flock of turkey which ran across the road in front of me and the human life included two cute kids walking up their driveway with band instruments in hand.   It would have made a great picture but they probably would have thought I was some sort of creeper. 

We shall see how much lighter I am next week.   Or......if I can keep up the pace. 

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