Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Poor Hubby

I've been pondering also in the midst of overwhelmed syndrome, how best to remember my husband's existence and remembering to take time out to do things for him and even speak to him!   We can tend to be high energy or high hobby people with our ten acres, his maple syrup thing and my bee and garden thing.   So this fellow who once upon a time, just had me to contend with, still hops off to the work place where they are in the midst of moving to Detroit, and then comes home to crazy us.   Perhaps chaos at home to greet him stresses me out more than whether my friends and family think I am a slob.   There is the mantra of having a pleasant place to come home to to keep in mind and then.......all the rest.   I got the living room way cleaner than it has been in a LONG time and when I came home from church last night, the hubby looked like a guy on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, as there weren't toys and laundry all over the place.    It looked sort of pitiful actually.    I did laugh.    The poor thing.   So today, I hope to make things even more sparse in here so perhaps we can all breathe easier.  Maybe we can have a deserted island theme meal in honor of more free space in our living area.   The overwhelmed part of me might be better if I can stay on top of some of those things and continue to work on figuring out how to destress our school and home life.   Oh.....and hubby darling has been working on keeping my oven clean!!!!!!!    That totally rocks.    I think the thing that assists remembering equally stressed husband the most, is to remember our honeymoon trip and that time alone exploring Maine, how he decided to see every light house possible despite the roller coaster roads to get to them, and other such times where we were able to focus on each other and not the madness.   Staring at him in that context and not in the, sigh, we have more spilled milk to clean up, helps ease the stress.    Works for others too who can sometimes be cranky, weird, whatever, as I too am the chief of weirdness at times.   Sigh.   Don't forget your hubby and think of fun things to do for him.    Today we are ever so romantically paying off debt together.   Sounds like fun eh???   Medical bills, bursar bill unexpectedly high this semester......ugh.   Thankful for a paycheck.  

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