Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Growing older

I've been thinking on our parents a bunch lately.   So many things have changed yet so much stays the same.   My dad and Charley's dad are 83 and 85 and are showing their age.   They have done remarkably well considering their age but seeing the going down hill process is at times hard to watch.   I am a person who ponders another person's eyes and what they say without talking.  Their increased limitations are hard to watch.   How does one grow old with grace and style.   Hmmm.....   The person is still the same person they always have been so just like I don't like to see children treated with disrespect or non-people, neither do I like the elderly to be treated that way either.   They feel like burdens and don't want to be, but at some point they need help.   I hope that I can remember their person on the inside in spite of all the screaming frailties.   The next ten years or so should be interesting and full of new challenges. 

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