Thursday, December 22, 2011

Letter writing

I used to write lots of letters to my friends and older relations.    Now the older relations get gypped.   So I finally was able to escape to drink some decaf all by myself in a restaurant and pound out some long overdue letters.   One was pretty difficult to write as his wife died this past year and the other two were to two older cousins who I greatly admire.   The women on my dad's side of the family are basically awesome.  The ones left to write to are all in Sweden so that alone is a reason I should write more as it is pretty difficult to just drop by!    So anyway, I miss the lost art of snail mail and  the anticipation.   My peers don't do snail mail anymore.    I am glad I finally got the letters written, now to make sure I get them in the mail!!!


  1. I decided to start small: a few months ago, I sent some postcards to my grandmother, and a few other relations. Ok, I started really small, as I only sent three postcards and didn't follow up. Maybe I'll actually make a stupid New Year's Resolution this year about that. :) Thanks for the encouragement!


  2. Resolve to go hide in a cafe and write. I just remembered another couple who really could use more communication from me. I think I am going to schedule it on the calendar.

  3. Hard to remember to do, to write. But so, so worth the effort. Thanks for the reminder.