Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Using what we have

We are continuing the 'game' of watching what we spend. It is not that we didn't used to pay attention as I think I have stated before. So far we are doing pretty well at basically using what we have here. We always buy in bulk from the Amish, things like oatmeal and wheat berries so we have plenty of supplies on hand for basic ingredients. Now the daily 'game' is peering in the refrigerator and seeing what bit of this and that needs used up. Today it was some leftover pumpkin puree and some applesauce. I threw them in a recipe for pumpkin biscuits and the applesauce worked just fine with the pumpkin. They are also, not surprisingly, almost completely eaten already. Tomorrow I plan to use up some cherries in my morning oatmeal. I figure pumpkin or cherries in oatmeal would taste a lot like pie. Yum. The kids are getting better at eating leftovers too. I actually like it that there is not as much in the fridge at a time. Everyone also has been more willing to cut up the pumpkin and squash so that I can use it for meals. It works!

Charley gave the kids another challenge. We are keeping track of the utility bills and he told them if they helped bring the bill down, that he would pay them the difference in the money saved as he would rather give our money to them than to the utility companies. Sounds like a plan!


  1. That sounds like what I'm doing with the food, but for me it's using up without buying more in anticipation of moving. Great idea with the kids on the utility bill!! Someday when we ever have a "normal" I can see us doing that too.

  2. The utility bill thing is having an effect. Dh is noticing he is not running around turning off lights anymore. Looking around right now, I am the offender.......better go take care of that. Do I get a kick back?????