Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The timer works

That FlyLady principal of using a timer has really worked with my middle kids and their math. There are 30 problems and I told them several months ago that it should take about a minute a problem. They have me set a timer and every once in a while ask me which problem they should be on. They usually get done before the 30 minutes are up. Math used to be SO painful but now it has become pretty efficient. For once we are clicking along with their lessons. The other odd motivation for my dear Martin is that he heard that he could possibly test out of classes in college if he studied hard in grade school. Well, that boy is definitely motivated by the possibility of getting out of more work. Hey, if that works, great! He told me this morning he better be studying his grammar more. Wow. I will hang onto the bright spots on this dreary winter day.

1 comment:

  1. We haven't used the timer for math in quite awhile. Thanks for reminding me. A couple of the kids are stretching out the time necessary to complete math and it's making me irritable in that afternoon when I feel the crunch to get everything done.