Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Crowded

My little Evan has bronchitis. Sigh. Of course, as all good mothers do, I googled bronchitis in infants and found that bronchitis is more common in infants who are in daycare and those living in crowded living situations. Yep. Our house certainly is big enough so that we might NOT be crowded but everyone loves Evan so they can't stay away from him! All of my kids school work is usually done in close proximity to the Evans and me so there too, every sneeze, cough and picked nose is not too far away from sharing with everyone else. I suppose this is how people years ago got sicker as their families were larger so they could share more. I am trying not to focus too much on the other scary things I read as it is the internet of course and not a physician. My understanding is that bronchitis in infants is usually a result of having RSV which most kids have before the age two. Some require hospitalization. Obviously that is the part which freaks me out and I should not borrow trouble and just keep working towards his improvement. These things are of course out of my control. God, sometimes I don't like lessons in trust but okay, I will proceed in faith and keep taking care of the little guy. Part of that care is banning all kissing of his cuteness, washing hands more often and cleaning surfaces more. Sounds impossible. Praying for the boy.

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