Sunday, November 14, 2010

Biking and the weird

Biking was rather nice today. I got to the end of the road where I either turn back or turn the corner and go further and.......I went further. It was a good work out to be sure. Contrary to some poeple's opinions, my fatness will need some serious wood chucking too to rid myself of a lot of it. Then there is pacing it all. Let us see here, there are the kids, food, laundry, cleaning etc., drinking enough, eating enough, not eating too much, the basic every day check list. Resting happens while teaching and simply having the little guy need me again....this rest does not seem to be enough I guess. Sigh..I will start again tomorrow and maybe fit in some biking during the week. But......biking was good mentally and physically. Amazing the changes in the scenery since March. The squeaky windmill is gone, some people put in roads, and some woods were cleared. The hills are the same and I think I was a little stronger today. Duh. I guess I just realized why I was able to hit the hills as hard as I did - I am not expecting a baby! Hmmmmm......that does make a difference.

My dear children have been focusing on our oddities.....again. We are normal for us I guess. There are some silly, cute reasons behind this focusing. I will just learn to appreciate our oddities more I guess. I am assured that it is okay for me to be 'different' so okay.....

Was that fuzzy enough???? Time to hit the hay. The little cherub who went to bed early last night, got up a lot in the night. Here's hoping he sleeps for a little while tonight so I can catch some z's.

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