Thursday, November 4, 2010


Not usually. Sigh. There is stuff everywhere. Oh......this is whining again right? I keep telling myself to breathe and not worry with all the Krug all over. So the other game is to get something finished and try not to worry too much about what is NOT done. If I keep plugging away and my discipline is in seeing Benjamin EVERY day, then he will see progress. I am telling the poor boy that perhaps we can 'trick' Stefan and Ingrid into learning too if he helps me to help them. Who is tricking who here. Benjamin thinks it is funny. He can be so talented at the poor me's as his little brother knows how to get his goat and then the weeds grow before Benjamin's face and he can't discern what matters and doesn't and the whole day will go down the toilet for the poor boy. Focus Benjamin. Help ME focus Benjamin. We can do this. Ingrid..........don't be so sad please. She gets so two year old frustrated it breaks my heart. So I delegate someone to grab her, hug her, feed her and read to her instead of tolerating the endless crying and ignoring her. Sigh again. Not enough of me but I suppose the older ones will be WAY tolerant or perhaps too tolerant of screaming toddlers. They will definitely know the fact that toddlers scream sometimes and be able to laugh a little about that.

The Krug will be easily conquered a few months down the road when the Evan is older and can entertain himself for longer periods of time. He is sleeping on my shoulder at the moment and is nice and snuggly and I am reminding myself how fleeting this will be. I close my eyes and soak him in as Stefan, his older brother, chirps at me how he loves me. Sweetness and bliss. Perhaps if I keep my eyes closed I won't see the Krug as much. Right????? Sounds reasonable to me.

"Oh Benjamin, are you done writing Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, your cute little pattern making lesson????? Time to move on.

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