Friday, November 12, 2010

Contest week 1

Everyone worked hard that is for sure. Some of the rooms were definitely more difficult than other rooms. Charley was the 'judge' and he did take this into account. We made a most improved category. For the future the prize is going to be five dollars to the room that is in the best shape and five dollars to the most improved room. We will do it again this next week. Martin was the winner this week and was also most amused by his dad telling him that there was no quarter round on the trim in his rooms and that he would have to count him down for that. Har har. The experiment was a success!


  1. Glad to hear! I'll tuck idea this away. Though I may reward with a chore-free day or week. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I have thought about that too. No chores or any expectations for a Saturday would be a HUGE motivator here. We will have to discuss it....Thanks for THAT idea!

  3. The thing which you have shared is a very nice idea such that from the experiment you have got the success and this is really amazing thing.