Friday, November 19, 2010


What a week! It isn't over yet either. Today's topic of contemplation is encouraging the dad to spend more time in conversation with the children. This is not his forte but frankly the kids avoid the dad in topics concerning life Here it is one week after being informed of the dad's imminent job loss (some time next year) and their daddy dear is on top of things, not despairing and his reputation proceeds him with his colleagues. This is a good thing. conversation with the kids I suppose it has struck me to point out to them that their dad has not gotten where he is over night and building a reputation for being an awesome engineer started when he was rather young. Dads can be useful in passing this along and moms can be wimps in enforcing the kids talk to their dads about the tough stuff.......making it in life. Since the kids do not tend to drift his way, I am encouraging him to remember to drift their way. Sigh. My knowing answers to what needs to be done will not make them do it. Hhhmmmm.....where is that hockey stick?

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