Saturday, November 13, 2010

Enjoy being fat????

After sharing that I was getting a little weary of being fat and even getting fatter, the kid's piano teacher said to enjoy being fat. Very interesting comment. I suppose I haven't been as worried about my fattness this time around. I always seem to start getting fatter too. I find it ironic that despite my fatness and doing EVERYTHING they say to do to help the baby get enough nutrition yada yada yada, I have a baby who has the wettest, messiest diapers but doesn't gain weight that quickly and I just get fatter. Well, Horner babies just do not get huge on this mom and probably wouldn't for any other mother. He may be getting more than the last few kids but he isn't that much bigger. I suppose that means he is just right. Right for a Horner kid.

I WANT to go biking more often to fight the fat. The bike now has a flat tire which needs a new tube so I will have to wait till that gets fixed. It is a good thing I enjoy biking in the winter. Maybe by next summer I will be less fat.

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