Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vacation amusement

We are on our annual pilgrimage to Pennsylvania to see our farmer friends and stomp Charley's home stomping ground. We of course have forgotten a few vital items such as Benjamin's nebulizer, Woody and Bullseye, more than one shirt for Stefan and.......I guess that is about it. This year we did bring along an additional passenger, our neighbor Jim. He is retired, single, and comes to dinner pretty frequently at our house. Charley and Erik went over the weekend to a tool meet in Bloomington and about a week ago we invited Jim to come with on our family trip. He came with Charley last year to the family's farm auction and had a great time. He talks a mile a minute. Perhaps he is making up for all the time he spends alone as a single person with his house full of tools. His tools don't talk back to him. He is greatly amused by the family antics. He also keeps Charley in line so I don't have to! It has been pretty hilarious. Charley doesn't react to questions from the Jim. This morning Charley, Jim, Erik and Matthew are on a mission to get maple syrup sugaring supplies. Jim LOVES it out here in the sticks. He informs me of what it is like here which I also find amusing since I have been coming out here for 25 years but that is okay too.

We have thoroughly trashed the hotel room and will be taking off hopefully soon to go back to the Reese's. They are 79 years old this year with 18 Great Grandchildren so far. We go out to the Walker's dairy farm this evening for another wonderful spread of food. Fat and getting fatter.......I can not wait to get my hands on some wood to chuck!!! MUST DO SOMETHING!!!

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