Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No sweat

Thanksgiving dinner seems to be not that much more involved than any other day around here. We will most likely be just our family tomorrow as we are sort of 'skipping' the family gathering this year. Evan has outpatient surgery on Friday and then this evening we just returned from a short trip to Pennsylvania. I hope to rest as much as possible tomorrow. We will stick the turkey in, whip up some stuffing and chop up some squash to eat. I think I will just assign everyone a dish and go with it.

Evan's surgery IS on my mind as I look in his cute little trusting face and think too much about telling him no and managing to get to Ft. Wayne with a hungry mad baby. I know it will be for his good and I am sure I will be doing my best to hold myself together during the procedure but am thankful his issue is not something more serious. I will be so glad when it is over with and we are back home again. We might have to chill out somewhere afterward but will SO want to be home as soon as possible too. Sigh. Jesus loves Evan so much and will hold onto that. I am also thankful Anna is home this weekend to help some with the other little people who hate it when I leave.

Sleepy tired from our journey so am stumbling off to bed now.

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