Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Carpe diem

One of the greatest challenges I face, with this large family, is to get them MOVING in the morning. They are kids and either they do not like their mother's irrational need to accomplish something or they do not have any irrational or rational needs to seize the day, themselves. The very best days are the day after I have ranted at them about wasting time. The next day they are such cherubs. Oh, if we all could just merrily plug along, doing what we need to do in a timely fashion, and of course look to the needs of our neighbor with selfless love. Hmmmm......I need to have some sort of pep rally or dad reminder time on Sunday night or something. They would hate it if dad routed them out of bed. I would hate that too. I just long for a consistency of realizing they need to jump at the day to get something accomplished, including cleaning up after themselves. I think this would be better known as the army and a drill sergeant and I don't look too good in fatigues and army boots. They will have to settle with their half drugged looking mother armed with her coffee mug., hoping to catch a shower before ten in the morning, looking at them askance as they loiter around and conveniently disappear.


  1. Have you been peaking into our home? You described it perfectly. I have no solution. LOL. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Thank you for that Lisa in Colorado. Smile. I am convinced that we moms live a very similar life and think that the rest of the world has it all together. Ummmmmm......

    Reading this in my pj's.