Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bike Trainer

The new bike trainer is AWESOME! I never thought I would enjoy exercising in the house. I am too addicted to being outside, away from my four walls. I like this thing as it is challenging and involves quite a bit of concentration to keep from killing yourself. I guess I have always liked a challenge. 10 minutes wipes me out so far. The good news for me is that 10 minutes also wipes Charley out so I do not feel like such a wimp. I wasn't here yesterday so missed doing it but did manage to job from the Shedd Aquarium to the Soldier Field to get something from the van I forgot. Happily I was able to do that with only a few stops. I is pretty plump so would like to reclaim or find my body in there someplace. I succumbed to ice cream last night to top off a long day. Everyone but smiling Benjamin is still in bed. Evan is sleeping on my shoulder and I probably should go hunt down some recipes for leftover ham and.......squash. I am taking Matthew dear to lunch for all his fantabulous assistance lately. Lately is not a good word to describe him. He is a big help to me all the time. Applications for his future wifeling will be accepted and reviewed as they come. Seriously, this boy knows what is needed and does it. Amazing. The rest of the kidlets are not too shabby either but Matthew has a gift for seeing a need and filling it. It should be a good day.


  1. "Fatal turn to Wisconsin." Ahem. I protest!

    :-) Glad you had a good time!!!

  2. Oops. Forgive me Susan. Sometimes though a wrong turn in Chicago is pretty time consuming. ;o)