Saturday, December 18, 2010

Old Christmas Pageant stories

Cecilia has progressed in her Christmas Pageant career. WAY back when, I think she was 2, she decided to participate by singing with the kids. The day of the pageant arrived and sweet little Cecilia was up in front with the cute singing kids, singing 'Away in the Manger' but Cecilia was not singing. She got bored and decided to start pacing up and down the rows of kids. Charley and I saw this happening and he scooted out the back door of the church, went into the basement and up one of the stairways (not Emmaus). The left doorway in front of the church slowly opened as the little cherubs continued to sing 'Away in the Manger' and when dear little Cecilia got close to the doorway, an arm appeared and suddenly Cecilia disappeared. Her feet were last seen flying out the door. It was most amusing and people still talk about that today. Um.

Tomorrow she is Mary. I hope she behaves herself. ;o)

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