Monday, December 13, 2010


Found out yesterday that our dear friend David Reese died on Friday of a heart issue (don't know the specifics). He was in his 50's and leaves a beautiful family. I always thought I would be comforting him at his parents funerals. My heart is so heavy for his wife, parents, children and grandchildren and siblings. I rejoice with him that he is with Jesus now. I feel like my own brother died in many ways. Whenever we were in Somerset, we saw their family and every effort of was made to get together. He shared a birthday with Anna and we all talked about that too at every visit. We spent so many wonderful times together. I'm thankful for his modeling of fatherhood, priorities, love of his Lord and faithful attendance to my husband who considered him in the category of dearest friend. Sigh. They modeled to me the meaning of spontaneous hospitality and love for family. What a dear family. David's mother and father, Mary and Floyd, are our second parents. To hear Floyd's dear voice sharing the death of his son. I so want to be there for them. The weather is horrid. It is snowing like crazy and the wind chill is predicted to also be horrid. I will hold down the fort here and Charley is going. I know readers of this here blog don't know this family but prayers for safety of travel and for the comfort of David's family are appreciated. Sigh. Heavy heart.


  1. I am so sorry. Dear Lord, please give strength and help to David's wife and family, including their family in Christ, the Horners. In this time of mourning, feed them and comfort them with Your Word and Sacrament.

    Karin - do you have the Lutheran Book of Prayer (CPH, 2005)? It would be a good gift for David's wife. The prayer for widows (that Pr. Stuckwisch wrote) brings me to tears every time I read it. I've noticed my mother's book always has a bookmark on that page.

  2. Good thought Sandy. I have no doubt there are prayers for parents at the loss of a child. Lord have Mercy. Charley and Matthew have left so it is too late to send it with but will package up the two we have and send them via the mail. Sigh. I love that family SO much. Will clean the house for therapy and pray. Mary and Floyd will no doubt want to follow him quickly. Such sorrow. I know they have the joy of Christ's promises and God is in control here. It will be a difficult road for Pam his wife, and his dear children and grandchildren. David was so very blessed. They were our kids guardians at one point in time. Thanks Sandy.