Wednesday, December 1, 2010

10 minutes to call my own

Way back, when Anna was born, I was given a key chain fob with the little saying, "A Mother's prayer is for ten minutes to call her own," or something like that. Well, I got ten minutes and a bit more this evening. I still have the Evans up with me, but Charley took the older kids to church and Stefan, Benjamin and I read together for about an hour. Since I got up a little before seven, I have literally been teaching all day in one form or another. I even taught through lunch in between bites. It blows my mind to think of how much brain processing went on today. I am happy for the brain processing that went on for the kids today. They worked harder and more efficiently than ever today. I have a lot to be thankful for in that regard and the big kicker is that they did it cheerfully and for the most part I was able to concentrate on one kid at a time. Deep sigh. Mentally spent. So, with ten minutes to call my own, before they return from church, I sit stupidly blogging. Evan is now asleep in his adorable sleeper bag (love those things), the clock is quietly ticking, and there is NO OTHER NOISE! Wow. This does not happen very often.

Tomorrow, the middle kids go to the seminary to sing, the older boys go to the library book sale, and I take Stefan to the doctor to see about his asthma. When the kids return from the Sem, someone needs to take Martin shopping for his Scout trip. I think I am going to get Martin and Matthew both a pair of wool socks for the weekend camping trip. Then on Friday morning, I am up before the birds to take Evan to Ft. Wayne for his follow up appointment. See, I am still processing. What is the next thing to do?????

The funniest thing I have come to realize this year, is that the more we concentrate on finally overcoming our grammar deficiencies, the more paranoid I am about making grammatical errors. I suppose the refresher course will do me good. I think having a dad who always corrected my grammar doesn't help me with grammar paranoia. I look at something I have written and then become stumped by whether it is correct. This is EXTREMELY silly!!! So tired head, turn off, go lay Evan down, and perhaps run a load of laundry before collapsing with Charley watching another episode of......24!

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