Wednesday, December 22, 2010

But do you read them?

Christmas letters. I write the silly Christmas letters in this family. I do think people have sort of liked them in the past and I HAVE to include humor but seriously I wonder how many people, after nine children and two crazy adults, really take the time to peruse our lives. It becomes the 'War and Peace' of Christmas letters. AND from reading other people's blogs and letters etc, when it boils right down to it our amazing children live very similar lives to the other amazing people we know. These letters could be categorized by age of parents and age of children and then another subcategory of age span of children and juggling college bound/college going/married/grandchildren sort of letters. I take comfort in the similarity of our lives to others but love to laugh my head off too so will most likely send the featured letter out to our dear friends and relatives. To make my dh happy I will put a condensed version of truth to those poor children i our letter whose lives were fictionalized. Matthew (doesn't want me to change his part) - Scouts, Eagle project, smart, helpful, enthusiastic. Cecilia - awesome piano player, performer in plays, still in the Amelia Bedelia stage. Benjamin - learning to read and do math. The rest is all basically true but I think it was Mendelssohn who most inspired Anna to change to an Organ major......or something. So......hope y'all enjoyed that. We most certainly did and are now plotting our future letters of mirth. God bless you all!


  1. MAHLER. And really it had nothing to do with organ. But Mahler.

  2. I knew it started with an M or a B I just couldn't remember. Thank you dear for clarifying.