Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Only one wrong turn

this time. Last summer I managed to get us pretty lost in a neighborhood south of downtown Chicago on the way to the Shedd Aquarium. Today we ventured back to the Aquarium with some free vouchers. I happened to write the Shedd with a few complaints about their entrance procedures and a few suggestions to improve the experience. I was not expecting anything in return and suddenly I was offered free tickets for our whole group to return to the Shedd again. Our group was 13 people so I took 13 back with me and we had a much better time. I only took one wrong turn on the way there and it wasn't a fatal one sending me off to Wisconsin or something and only took a little jaunt to get us back on track.

Almost all the kids had a blast. Stefan decided he wanted to go home as soon as we took his coat off. Sigh. He just doesn't like to leave home I guess and I should have remembered that. I thought he would enjoy the bigger whales and things but he stubbornly objected. He makes displeasure an art form. I guess I am a seasoned enough parent that it didn't bother me that much. Matthew weathered the storm some with him and I appreciate that greatly. I took him for the last hour or so and just sat with him and watched the beluga whales dancing around together. Very amazing.

Well, the fun wore me out. Stefan is happily home. I'm hitting the hay earlier than usual. I can't wait! Late dinner and ice cream I shouldn't have eaten round out a nice day with the age group I get along with the easiest. Kids. I think I still am one.

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