Monday, December 20, 2010

Post pregnancy fatness

As with every child, I gain more weight after the baby than before. I think I have finally figured out why. Before the baby I am the crazed pregnant woman who still loves to mow the lawn, work in the garden, and even ride my bike for as long as possible. After the baby I am in the dairy barn and not a lot of physical work happens. Mr. Evan will begin his cereal/solids career soon so perhaps I will spend less time in the barn???? All my kids gain well until around five months and then their hyper Horner genes take over and they start to level off in weight gain. Their mother does all the weight gain for them. Sigh. Christmas is a terrible time to fight this battle too. Maybe I should get my maternity clothes back out??? It would be cheaper than buying bigger clothes. All my 'don't be so negative' friends could just grin and bear it and let me wallow in my fatness till it drives me to action. Eating is fun! I hate the fact that I am not even eating THAT much and we do eat healthy meals so what gives with this silly body of mine??? I would hate to think what would happen if I was eating frozen dinners, less veges and the like. My children are sticks. My husband is also a stick. Hmmmmm.......I will stop thinking about all this now and go get the kiddos up to work on the kitchen makeover.

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