Saturday, December 11, 2010

Three points to Gryfindor

The contest continues. The troops seemed to have stumbled some this week but some showed great improvement. Keeping things up through the week is tricky. They have forgotten that keeping up on things makes it a lot easier. The biggest scandal to me right now is the cow webs. Argh. I am falling behind in the floor washing. But.....over all the contest is going well. Charley made up a point system and has taken to taking away points from dear children who mess up another kids area without cleaning up after themselves. That gives the victim points and takes away points from the offender. The brilliant realization this week is that CHARLEY needs an area and I have designated the back entry way as his as his stuff is what is back there and Cecilia has that area right now and doesn't know what to do with the stuff. So..........perhaps we will need a new judge? I guess I can judge his area and he can judge mine. We lead an interesting life here, we do.

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