Friday, December 3, 2010

"I love my job"

I took Evan for his follow up appointment at the surgeons in Ft. Wayne this morning. We left a little after 6:00 this morning for his 8:15 appointment. When we got there, the receptionist told me the doctor was in surgery. He had been in surgery most of the night for trauma cases. Ugh. Poor him. I mentioned to the nurse that the doctor must run on adrenalin. She said she asked him about that recently and he replied that he didn't care as he loved his job. I can tell he loves his job. He looks lovingly at his little patients and it is obvious they are his chief concern.

This was a good reminder to me that it is true, I love my job too. I was talking later to my sis' about how although we love our jobs, we are all very good at whining about them. That makes me sad of course but maybe for a few days I will remember how much I do love my job. It takes a ton of brain work, although my eldest daughter dear says I think too much. I suppose I do. Perhaps I am afraid of failing my kids or something so it can stress me out and cause me lots of anxiety. We are a bunch of whiners in truth. The poor mes are the trap to fall into which can end up draining the people around us. I can tell my kids not to get the poor mes and then break my own 'rules' by having my own. Of course too when we have the poor mes and want to poor out our troubles to others we most likely rarely think about the poor person listening that they might be stressed too, might have too much on their plates, or have had a yucky week. Sigh. Life is so very interesting.

Sis' and I also talked about how our stressors can make us want to go screaming in the other direction, but these little people, entrusted to our care, need our loving touches and patience. Even little Evan, peering deep into his eyes, I see his little face lighting up with delight or sadness and he really feels that. Too bad we poor miserable sinners can not love our neighbor easily, but I am truly thankful that Jesus forgives me my weaknesses in this department and in repentance or not, I soberly proceed with the little people (and not so little people). The doc exuded Jesus too to me. His office had Jesus all over the place. I thanked him for not being ashamed of Jesus and he told me it was his pleasure. Smile.

See.........I think too much.

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