Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Direct Sow

My mother-in-law and I are going to go to town with gardening this summer me thinks.   I really do not want to spend a scandalous amount of money on flowers so am studying up on doing more direct sowing.   To do THAT we need to be on it NOW!!!!    Menards seems to be the cheapest place to buy seeds of the unusual variety.   The feed store has seeds by the ounce so I will have to check that out later today.   The bulbs I planted last fall have been a complete success and I am excited about plotting and planning additions to the bulb world this fall.   Keeping a record of what in the world I planted this year will help.   My biggest goal is to improve the path through our woods.   My father-in-law loves to take walks through the woods and the improvements I have made in just a few flowers along the edges have made it that much more enjoyable.   We have two small ponds so plants which like moist partly shaded areas are in my plan.   That plan will be more slow and steady and perhaps seeds will be in order to make that more affordable as well.   The more time we all spend outdoors the better.   Practical planting of vegetables is of course on the priority list as well.   I think I am prepared for that so far. 

Hmmmm......it just occurred to me the concept of direct sowing patches to be transplanted to other areas which would not require pots and lights.   A friend did this with broccoli starts and the idea was revolutionary to me..   I better stop typing and go work on that........

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