Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Outside the box

I am now into the stage of spring where I am doing my best to hang onto some school work happening around here.   Thinking outside the box means keeping the younger ones happy and interested while the older ones plug along with their grammar and math etc.   The final sprint to the end is in sight and perhaps it would be better to value what has gotten accomplished this year rather than despair of all the interruptions.   I am pulled in way too many directions right now and keeping my sanity is a challenge.   Please remember to have the 9 year old to read more on his own and not just with the mom so he makes progress.    Please remember to keep kids plowing ahead in their history reading.   Please......plant the garden right after you have the boys prepare the area for plowing.   Weed and plant the flower seeds to save money on annuals before it is too late.   Weed.   Did I mention weeding? 

My eyes drifted up and saw the piano and remembered I need to remember to get it tuned.   The tuned piano will make it live longer.   It means I have to remember the tuner is coming.   I might want someone to make sure no little critters found their way in it since the last time the tuner comes.   I hate that when that happens.   Critters love pianos and I live in a 150 year old house so critters are a part of life. 

Biking - I will be He Woman soon as I have decided to begin pulling the bike trailer so I actually get to go biking.   The kids get up too early so one or two of the youngest will be coming with me.   It will make the ride a bit more challenging and hopefully the kids will enjoy the ride. 

Computer is being yanked away so rambling is done for today.


  1. On my lunch break at work today, I saw the health newsletter put out in hopes of reducing costs for the insurance. On "reducing mental clutter," it said to quit procrastinating. Just do it already.

    I wanted to slug somebody.

    Sure, "just do it" is great if you're choosing between something on your to-do list and watching another couple of hours of tv tonight. But what about when "oh, just go ahead and make an appt with the tuner" means you have to decide to give up 15 minutes of something else that needs to be Done Right Now (plus $100 that should be spent on groceries)? What happens when "just do that project" means you'll be ignoring all the necessary and vital daily chores for two weeks, and spend two months recuperating from the upheaval.

    "Just do it already." Like I said, I could've slugged somebody.

  2. Exactly. So many things to do and making a decision of which to tackle first can be sort of haunting as the ones I forget keep coming back to mind when I can't do them. Hmmmmm......