Friday, August 31, 2012

I forgot the self harming patient

These patients are around two to seven years old and they have a strong propensity to trip.  "Don't run" cries the mother.   Silly mom.   Splat.   Brief silence.   Wailing and gnashing of teeth.   These are the self harming set of our family.   Lots of people have them in their families.   Since I am not much of the hovering mom, the poor children get a much delayed reaction to their owies but I do still scoop them up once I get around to reaching them and they get brushed up and the necessary first aid.   My  prescription for them would be tying pillows around them but they resist their treatment.  


  1. Some people just do NOT want to learn the easy way (that is, by being told). They learn by experience. Even if it's a bad experience. Even if it takes them multiple lessons. [sigh]

  2. Oh yes. I have three of these types. (all boys)
    Talk about a slow reaction time... usually an older sister gets to them first :)