Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can't part with that

I continue to rummage through the junk around here and am struck by how much of it is here to either assuage my guilt or someone else's. You know what they are.....the shampoo from the hotel, the excess bath and body junk someone else didn't like and assumed you would be able to use (even though you have your own favorites and know full well it will be a chore to use up someone else's shampoo). The lids to containers which disappeared at some social function or broke, need to LEAVE! Gift bags and cleaners clogging up the closet that was meant to house the laundry baskets and keep them out of sight, will all join the dearly departed stuff exiting my house.

I did reign myself in a bit with the old cross stitching hobby. I AM going to go through that stuff but give away only those things which are..........ridiculous. My grandmothers cross stitch table cloth she never finished. I will NEVER finish it. Several things which were on sale and seemed like a good deal with also leave. Otherwise, the cross stitch life is still on hold and I would enjoy it so will keep some of it. I was going to just close my eyes and give it all away.

In the land of closets and drawers, I am not looking back very hard. Face it....I will never cut out that felt barn for the kids to look at in the pew. In fact, we don't want doing much of anything in the pew but sit and listen at this juncture.

It was all on clearance you know. The American lie. "It was a good deal" (justifying purchase) "Really, I saved a bunch, but now I can not walk through my house. Tomorrow is another day of pitching and throwing. I might not get to it all today. It is very easy to do though.

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