Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sand box

My kids favorite place is their sand box. It hasn't been visited since last fall and today it is 60 degrees and glorious. I am quietly inside while the rest are outside digging and creating in the sandbox. Many of our friends have made their own Horner sandbox as a result of their fun here at ours. I do want to of course throw out some of the more horrifying toys and perhaps refresh them. The rusty Tonka toys I suppose are questionable but have not considered to get rid of them yet.

I hope to clean my 'nest' out today in the living room. I is too tired to move at the moment so am trying to concoct a plan between chillin out on the couch. I think I need a nap. Sigh. I know I should rev up school again next week but Anna being home this week motivated us to pitch and throw stuff out. Watch out for that girl! I am the one pitching and throwing though and she cheers me on. Said all that already.

I love our sandbox...........just saying. Everyone needs to have one.

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