Sunday, March 13, 2011


I've been puzzling about what is so special about nostalgia. I think nostalgia for better fashion is easy to understand but hanging on to every little thing of our relatives past does not make sense. I have been slowly now tackling the clutter in drawers. This clutter is mostly bunches of items which were my grandparents. I will never use them. They sit there. They don't help me love the memories of my grandparents. Sure, I miss them, but they are not worried about their stuff now. My children never knew my grandparents and they hear stories about them but the connection to the stuff is not there.

Sigh. I suppose these items of nostalgia relieve the guilt of some for getting rid of them by taking up space here. I personally rejoice in the fact that my grandparent's labors are finished. Their stuff made up their routines in life. My grandpa's letter opener sat out on the area he went through his mail. I remember him doing that. I don't use it............

Yesterday I went through a container of baby socks. Baby socks........they have not set *foot* on a baby since perhaps Matthew or maybe even Anna. ?????????? They are gone now. Even the cute little ruffle socks Anna wore on her cute little Anna feet (when they were little) when she toddled around our abode. Cute. Memory. Gone. Now I have an empty plastic container which is not kicking around anymore. Goodwill.....plastic container.

Books are leaving in droves. Another fourth of my clothes left yesterday. Benjamin's dresser has only those clothes I like in there now and all the psychedelic shirts, old sports shirts from other people, rotten jammies, dingy underwear......are gone. Phew.

Like I said before, if I start getting rid of my knitting books, you can give me a jingle but at the moment they are staying put. The kids clothes in 'storage' might get another reaming out this summer.

Enough on thinning out the Horner stuff. Anna, Evan and I might hit the road for a bit. A nap sounds good too.

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