Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Perhaps that was an odd post

I always seem to blog with enthusiasm and then contemplate afterward if it was a bit off the wall. Hmmmmmm.......I think the bottom line in my cute little walk/walking with Cindy, is that life is a process which we don't regularly feel intensely or deeply, and then when you do, it is hard to know the best way to proceed. We are just helping each other out. :o)

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  1. :) These two posts made me smile. You should not blog so vaguely because when you have a non-vague post like the one before this...well...it's so helpful. The post before this touches so exact on some things I've REALLY been struggling with as of late...and your thoughts on it...of trying to live day to day but when we don't/can't rejoicing that it causes us to cling tighter to Christ....so so comforting. Thank you Bikermom, I really needed this today.

    Oh, and I smiled because you, a woman with 9 kids, actually still have moments of questioning yourself or your clarity or how you deal with life...and it comforts me that just like I don't have the answers now...it's ok to still not have the answers if I get to the day I have 9. You comfort me :)