Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not doing much

Today was remarkable. Well it was mostly remarkable. The syrup season is over and it is true, the kids collected the buckets and taps (keelers and spiles). Otherwise , we enjoyed a day of little activity. I managed to do a little laundry and put some away. I checked out some prices on my wonder phone to see what to price some things on Amazon. That was very exciting. This morning we ate breakfast, cleaned it up, did a few things, catechesis and reading a book aloud to kiddos, (can't remember what else they did...) then we ate lunch. How is THAT for awesome? This afternoon the kids watched a movie and did the syrup clean up. I went on a walk with my walking buddy and Evan came with. Then.....are you ready???? We came home and I finished making dinner, our oldest son, 65 year old Jim came over, we cleaned up from dinner and......I read to the kids and......watched another movie. We must be sick.....or something. This sounds like a chapter of "Little House in the Big Woods". The kids noted that in almost every chapter the family got up in the morning and in the next paragraph they were getting ready for bed. That was our day. I can handle this awesomeness. True, someday I might need to do more laundry or clean a bit more but I will cheerfully accept some more days like this. The kicker is...Charley stayed inside most of the day and only snuck out when I fell asleep in a chair with Evan. Not too shabby.

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