Saturday, April 23, 2011

Surviving Holy Week and the first week of Easter

It is always an adventure to survive these few weeks. I think my husband bought the new mini-van just to reduce the gas costs to and from church. We defeated the purpose of saving gas when we left Bloomington yesterday intending to make it back to church in plenty of time. This usually takes four hours and we left at 2:30......we didn't get to the church til 7:15. There was construction, construction and bumper to bumper plus a detour which added a half an hour at least. I am sure I burned up our gas savings speeding along the northern half of our trip. I was trying to calculate how many hymns might have been sung and how far into the service they may have gotten. We made it. Phew. Only lost the first fifteen minutes. Not too shabby. We get to enjoy Anna for a few days and then she will be home for the summer in a week and half. Yay! Services morning and night this past week. Got smart and am sending Charles darling to the sunrise service in the morning and I will bring the rest of the loonies to the nine. Oh yes, the youthlings are singing at the sunrise so I can quietly get the small loons...oh....I precious darlings have matching clothes on this year. Phew!

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