Wednesday, April 20, 2011


In real life I greatly hesitate to put my own theological anything thoughts down on public blogdom. I have these theological creepers with huge theological brains but I trust they will set me straight if I am messed in the head by that last post.

In Karin life, I get to see my eldest this weekend and can't wait. Martin is coming with me and we are staying at the State park near IU and then hopefully hitting a trail in the morning. We shall see how much energy I have to get out of bed. I am also hoping my family survives and gets to where they need to go Thursday evening and Friday morning. I don't have time to put up big placards to remind them of departure times and when to feed themselves. Sigh.

I think I need to go to my beddy bye early tonight. Too much going on for my brain to handle. It was a good day mostly otherwise. I said....too much going on. Glad Charley possesses the gift of "go to bed now children" and they magically comply and off they go.

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