Monday, April 4, 2011

Various stuff

I am still about the business of throwing stuff out and giving stuff away. Several "family heirlooms" have been given away after no one has used them for 20 to 40 years. No one in the future is going to use them either so off they go. It is a tiny bit cleaner in here.

School is still slow and steady. Today was interrupted with errands and sick kids. I managed five hours of sleep without interruption. That was a thrill. Evan finally slept fairly well last night.

Sometimes we get stuff done around here. Charley completed the taxes. I am pushing kids to get through their math for this year and forge ahead. I think I dream of getting more done but it seems to never happen. Some are 'ahead' and some are 'behind'.

Um......this is another boringish post. Other than sick kids and plugging along there isn't much going on. I have no deep thoughts either! Someone would have to ask a question for me to answer to come up with something I think. So deep I am.


  1. Did you or yours ever read the Freddy the Pig series of books?

    ( See )

    How's that from left field to try to give you something new to think about?

    --A Freddy Fan

  2. Well, that is a new one to me. Hmmm....I will have to check them out. My read aloud list is huge and will keep plugging along with that. Thanks for a fresh idea.....whoever you are?