Friday, April 29, 2011

My interesting walk today

I decided to walk to Target today. It was an interesting walk. Target is perhaps two miles from where I started. First mistake....should have not succumbed to the temptation to wear sandals. They were fine till the return trip but...bandaids will be my future accessory for awhile.

On the way there I saw a mailman with a new spring in his step who cheerfully greeted me and we laughed giddily about the sunshine. The spring flowers and trees were everywhere and I coveted every one of them for my yard. I personally think city dwellers should not plant flowering trees or flowers themselves without botanical species labels. How do I know what to look for at my favorite garden center???? (Vites is awesome). There was a young boy about tenish on a bus bench who looked at me understandingly when the sidewalk ran out. I didn't feel like crossing the street so stayed in the grass and bumped along with my awesome jogging stroller.

I stopped in Staples to check out these wireless doohickeys which everyone can store their stuff on in case their computers die or something. Wasn't going to haul that around with me so some other time. After leaving Staples I meandered across the street to see if I could find a cheese/vege slicer thingie which I coveted at a friends home. No dice. Left there and proceeded to Old Navy to see if I could find something which might work as a "bath robe" since I have gotten rid of all of my grandma ones. Bath one sells bathrobes so light weight hoodies will have to do. That is hoody....not plural. I guess if I have to leave the house in the hurry, no one would know it is my bathrobe so it works in a dual purpose sort of way. I think I could get away with hanging out in it and my pjs which people wear in public anyway, all day and not even worry if someone were to stop by.

From Old Navy I trudged with Evan to Target to buy him some grub as I forgot to bring any with for my evening engagement with my friends to watch "The King's Speach" again and have pizza. Yum. The movie can be sort of painful at times but it was really good even the second time. It might become my cult movie when the little people are sleeping as I don't think they will understand that part of the King's vocabulary isn't to be repeated in public or even in the home or....anywhere......yes. No where.....but they might hear it on the street and think there are royalty here in America.

After successfully winding my way through the most ridiculous idea of a neighborhood layout and actually not getting too lost on my way to my next destination, it occurred to me while walking (with blistering feet....) that a sad sign of spring is the smell of fertilizer on lawns. Yuck. I looked a lot like a bag lady too as I had a few bags with me from Old Navy and can call me the Bag Lady now. I felt sort of an odd kinship with Hobos as I walked along and wondered if I could ever get used to this sort of life. Probably not.

My evening with Evan's Godparents was fun of course. I forgot extra clothes for Evan for the return trip (his is the King of Drool) so we had a contest to see who could get his clothes dried faster with a hair drier or the clothes drier. I couldn't find the adapter plug for the clothes drier which it turns out Dale took to his parents on Easter for the Crock Pot so Cindy took Evan's shirt and ran upstairs to her hair drier. Dale hollers that he found an adapter so I suggested he challenge Cindy to a dual in getting the rest of Evan's clothes dried. I think Dale won.

Cindy and I walked together on the return trip. I have no biological sisters but I do have a few sisters in Christ who I am sure are better than biological in some ways as none of them have ever yelled at me, borrowed my clothes (well, that is not entirely true), or tapped their foot impatiently outside the bathroom door. Thank you Jesus for awesome sisters in Christ.

So there you go. How is that for a days adventure???? Karin the Hobo.

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