Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh to survive

I think I only covered buying a van to save on gas????? That doesn't really help that much except that the children fight over who gets to go in the new van. You know how popular you are by which van you are driving. Other ways to survive are to only invite people over for dinner who have been equally challenged holding their homes together in between services, invite some more and then not care what you are eating and where anyone might fall asleep on Easter Day in the afternoon. You could all drop in really and I wouldn't care. Bring some fresh fruit to off set the need for people to eat ham and tons of heavy sugary breads. No hard boiled eggs (first year we are not dying eggs. Let's bought, brie cheese ready and waiting, making German noodles (can't spell it), bought bunches of new sand box toys to encourage children to leave the house

Holy week survival.....don't worry what the kids wear to church. Just make sure you set aside time to cut everyone's finger nails and perhaps shave the elder boys necks and give them a trim. Um.....time to paint my own toe nails.....lie to my son about when the Easter Vigil ends......check.

Lay off the rum and coke. Yes. Need to do that. Got me through the afternoon. Good. Time to take my little snooze before the Vigil and sleep it off while listening to the whir of the daughter's sewing machine. Did my daughter have to turn on Carmina Burana.......not restful.....I think I might have to jump up and throw everyone's shoes out of the path and mop some floors?????

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