Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taking all their clothes away

Time to begin switching the clothes out for the new season. I have taken more and more of their clothes away as winter went on to lessen their burden of clothing care and now......time to start over again. They don't need too many clothes do they? Four t shirts??? Three pairs of clothes and some church clothes? The clothing monster makes me crazy. Time to find some black garbage bags to fill up again!!!!!!


  1. I think you should try getting out only three sets of clothes (plus church clothes and a spare t-shirt or two). We've needed more clothes since we're no longer doing laundry daily. But I assume you're doing laundry constantly. If you spend 2-3 weeks living comfortably with just a few pair of clothes, then ditch many of the rest. If you find that you're stressed from not having enough (in other words, kids do not have clothes to put on in the morning because you're perpetually behind on laundry) then get out another pair or two for each of them. But yeah, IF you hang onto clothes, keep most of them put away in the boxes for when there are holes in the knees or unbearable stains or as a supply for the younger sibling.)

  2. I was thinking of you Susan while doing this yesterday. I have SO much extra. I just want to get rid of it ALL! The storage is ridiculous and there is constantly someone who has clothes to pass on from my community. Organizing the storage is A PAIN! Slow and steadily ridding my house of more stuff. The toddler is constantly having accidents right now so that is difficult to pare down that far and same with the baby.