Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well yesterday was quite the day. I am not sure I could improve too much on a day like that. We started with Matins, docoroo appointment which ended up all good, home for a bit, my dear husband um.......went van shopping for an eight passenger and......bought one (used)!!!!! I feel spoiled rotten! I am delighted though and the kids are too. I will taking it on its maiden voyage Thursday to pick Anna up for Easter. We have already had some great fights between the kids as to who is sitting where and many mouths hanging open with extras which came with. Pinch me.

Finished the day with a Divine Service - awesome of course - greatly appreciated by this poor miserable sinner. Evan and his sweetness is the light of my life right now (no, the van does not rank) and the day ended well too. That sentence does not flow well but I don't care.

So on the van front, I know it doesn't fit all of our family but sadly in a few years it will fit everyone who will be home. It is of course white to fit in with all the rest of the white vans at Emmaus. Somehow we will attempt to keep it clean or at least cleaner than the rest of our vehicles have been. Our 15 passenger will get less use and hopefully live longer. Rust treatment is in order for that thing.

So went the day.

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