Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grandma's feather bed

Today we were all struggling to find a quiet place to give attention to individuals who needed math help and reading help etc. There were laundry baskets hanging about with clean laundry (just fold it and put it away already!) and many small children vying for my attention. I said to Martin and Benjamin, "Come on quick! Let's sneak off into my bedroom and shut the door. It will be quieter and I will be able to have you both snuggled in bed to talk to you about your school stuff." we sped to my bed.

We were making good progress. I was sharing with Martin that his lesson on Ven graphs and the like was always an annoying lesson to me when I was a kid but we had to do it anyway as they put this stuff on tests and Benjamin was reading away on the other side and Evan was drifting off to la la land. (I was thinking during the sermon this evening that if I were to live like I were dying, which we all are, I would probably grab a few kids and snuggle them up in my bed.) It was a nice quiet scene until.....we were discovered. Soon they all drifted in like something out of a story book. The lyrics to 'Grandma's feather bed' started drifting through my mind. Kids were on top of the covers and gleefully climbing under them. This is what homeschooling is all about right? I might try it again tomorrow. Perhaps they will all pass out in a nap.....or not.

I'm glad we don't have little piggies or chickens anymore.

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