Monday, May 9, 2011

Vitamin D

I have been enjoying twenty four hours of some sunshine. Sunshine and fresh air is a good thing. I have gardened in the past with my dear, dear garden buddy LaRena but with the price of gas we are going to have to just do the best we can with sharing gardening. I was thinking it might be good to invite people to help with the garden as they are able in exchange for food. LaRena did the lion's share of the work last summer since I had Evan arriving in July and other such challenges. This summer I do hope to basically live outside as much as possible. The lady who does my hair just informed me it is supposed to continue to be rainy this summer. Hmmmm.....well, have rain gear so will keep gardening and biking etc to spite the rain. I sort of have the weird goal to basically keep the congregation in awesome vegetables for the summer. We shall see what happens.

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