Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Running out of steam!

Tomorrow the family returns and I have not quite met all of my goals. My body is killing me with aches and pain but...ONWARD!!!! Charley asked me if I have been getting any exercise while they have been gone. Cough, cough!!!! Um...yes. I was going to paint the stairs again this evening but I might attempt getting some more sleep instead.

Today I painted our bathroom. It is not completely trimmed out and am not sure I will get to all of that before tomorrow evening. I have the upstairs attic room and bath which has too many little walls to complete quickly. That is where my efforts will be centered tomorrow. I think I will have to blast a variety of music to make it through.

Erik and Scott made Cecilia a loft today. It is almost complete and is up in her room now. I can't wait to see her face. I am putting the small wardrobe from our bathroom in there as well since there are no closets upstairs and she and Ingrid only have a small wardrobe to share together. I ultimately want even less furniture everywhere but figure the kids might need some extra furniture some day so....out it will go! (Only if they really want it).

The garden and bees are haunting me. Maybe just maybe I can get some of that done too before collapsing. Working myself into the ground is not a very bright idea but the worst of this work will be behind me and I can focus on routines with the kids and actually enjoying our summer.

(I am seriously considering painting steps now...crazy!!!!!!)

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