Saturday, June 4, 2011

Garden dreams

The vegetable garden is almost completely in now. Of course the rain is not cooperating now that small plants are in the dirt so I will dodge mosquitoes and try to get them regular drinks for now. Maybe....overnight the weather will do me a favor??? This year we are growing three different varieties of potatoes in the main garden area, sweet corn, watermelon, a HUGE variety of tomatoes, a variety of peppers including paprika and pimento again and I thought it would be fun to try a pepper named Charley - same spelling. Once again I am growing pumpkins and squash which are yummy to eat, pole beans by my mammoth sunflowers and hopefully cucumbers. I hope the cucumbers do not get buried this year by the squash monsters and we get to find them before they get huge. The goal in all this will be to feed as many families as possible. We shall see.....

In the flower garden I want to start a miniature garden. I saw this adorable little raised garden which had tiny little hens and chicks mimicking cabbage rows. I was thinking of using tiny little boards to make the tiny little bed and using tiny little stones to build a tiny little model of a rock wall. The kids would have fun with this too I think. I tire of huge plants. Tiny....cute....sounds like a lot more fun, especially for tiny people. the woods I REALLY want to build a board walk in the wet areas of the woods so I could feature the wetland plants which are already there and maybe....add a few more unusual native plants. Fun. This is all part of my live outside with the kids plan. The mosquitoes are trying to do this plan in, but perhaps some more bat houses and carnivorous plants would help. After the posies are all in the main garden I will attack the removal of the cursed daylilies which have taken over around the pond. WORK. Slow....emphasis on SLOW and steady will win the race. Matthew is on board with this plan and can't wait to murder more dayliliies. I bet we could sell them on the street to pay for my plant purchase crimes. The fern would probably sell too. Hmmm......good thought. Karin becomes a peddler! in

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